Enemi Oy is a Finas’ accredited emissions trading verifier (VB03)

Accreditation covers:

  • GHG Verification (ETS)
  • Verification of production subsidy for electricity

We are also licensed by Energy Authority:

  • Verification of the origin of electricity

In addition to the verifications we offer training services on management system standards.

GHG verification

GHG verification is mandatory for operators covered by the Emissions Trading Act. Emissions trading is linked to an emissions permit.

Verification of the origin of electricity and production subsidy

Production subsidy supports the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. Electricity can only be marketed as electricity produced from renewable energy if it has been granted a guarantee of origin.

Training services related to management system standards

Enemi has substantial experience in training and the customer feedback has been positive. Trainers have solid knowledge of standards and many application examples from the field.

Management system certification

In the future, the range of services will also expand to cover system certification. The range of services will include certification of quality, environmental and occupational safety systems. The accreditation process is ongoing.

Enemi Oy offers comprehensive management system certification services, where all the most important standards can be audited separately or together effectively integrating them. Our operating principle includes the principle of increasing the value of the customers’ business without, however, being in the consulting role. Internally we use the term ”Value Added Auditing”.

Accreditation will cover ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.